Jinx Plattan II HeadphoneJinx Plattan II Headphone
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Headphones have been an important part of fashion for a long time now. Young fashion trends flatter the aesthetic of headphones in most outfits. Urbanears Headphones, with their unique style, can be the highlight of your outfit as well. While enjoying the high-quality music in your daily walks, you can shine with your style! With the handmade designs of Urbanears Headphones, you will uplift your style to a whole new level of stylish. The crucial point is that you won’t have to sacrifice your music’s sound quality to look stylish. Handmade details of the headphones will give you a chic and boho look which will make you the center of attention on the streets!

Urbanears Headphones with Quality Design

Urbanears headphones can provide great quality music, but for some, they can also look a bit rough. If this is the only reason why you can't enjoy your music without using over-ear headphones, now is the time to decorate your headphones and use them as a complement to your outfit! 

Happy Nes handmade designs will give your headphones a very natural look and add elegance to your look. 

Over-ear headphones are a very common habit, especially among young people, and it is a device that they constantly use and enjoy listening to music while studying or lying in bed. 

Many people love walking outside, on the beach or in the forest. The best friend to walk is listening to music. It is very easy and fun to enliven your sporty and simple outfit by decorating your over-ear headphones with Happy Nes accessories!

With their zigzag patterns and colorful designs, Happy Nes over-ear headphone accessories will liven up your summer outfits, especially in summer. 

It is possible to look younger, dynamic, colorful and stylish at the same time with the unique Happy Nes over-ear headphone accessories!

Urbanears Headphones Compatible with Every Device

Happy Nes handmade over-ear headphones are compatible with most phones and tablets, and bluetooth models are compatible with any device. Urbanears headphones are waiting for you with their colorful options and unique designs! Having a design according to your style and favorite colors will compliment your stylish look and add energy to your headphones.