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When you take your dog out for a walk, you can make sure that they walk in style! Your cute little friend deserves the best of the colors with them. Choose the best handmade dog collar among the many options in Happy Nes and surprise your dog with their favorite colored collar. Seeing their happy faces running with all the colors will make your day! You can always match your style with your dog’s style and double their cuteness levels with energetic colors!

Happy Nes fun designed walking collars are available in different color options. The combination of very vibrant colors makes these collars stand out on the street! Let's remember that appearance is a whole and your little friend deserves to look colorful as much as you do. So Happy Nes walking collar and Happy Nes neck collar models that you can combine together will add vitality to your dog's appearance and make it unique.

Neck Collars for Every Dog

With five different sizes of Happy Nes handmade dog collars, you can find a collar for dogs of all sizes and combine it with a walking collar. You can even get harmony with the collar-walking collar combination in the same colors and shine with your dog on the street. These neck collars are very eye-catching and distinctive, so you can recognize your dog even from a distance, watch and protect him out of the corner of your eye. 

One of the most important points when choosing a collar is whether the width of the collar is compatible with the dog's neck. Happy Nes handmade neck collars offer you five different sizes: 32cm to 60cm, and it's not difficult to determine which one fits your pet! After determining where the collar will sit on the neck, you can measure it so that there is a 2-finger gap. What's even better is that these collars are hand washable so they can stay clean at all times. If your dog loves to get dirty, throws himself on the floor and can't stop rolling in the mud, a collar that you can clean will do the trick. 

Create Your Dog's Style

As Happy Nes, our recommendation for you and your dog is to buy matching neck collars and walking collars that you can wash by hand, and add vibrancy to every walk you take with your dog. Colorful and fun neck collars are also very fashionable now! Every morning and evening when you take your dog to the bathroom, it is now possible to meet other dog lovers and see vibrant collars around their beloved pets' necks. Choosing a collar in your favorite colors, maybe even your dog's favorite colors, sounds like a lot of fun. 

You can buy one for yourself or give a Happy Nes handmade collar as a gift to a dog-loving and dog-owning friend! Now it's time to complete your and your little friend's style!