Black Spray & StrapBlack Spray & Strap

Black Spray & Strap

€11.00 €14.00
Purple Spray & StrapPurple Spray & Strap

Purple Spray & Strap

€11.00 €14.00
Bordeaux Spray & StrapBordeaux Spray & Strap

Bordeaux Spray & Strap

€11.00 €14.00
Nile Spray & StrapNile Spray & Strap

Nile Spray & Strap

€11.00 €14.00


With the pandemic, our needs altered a little bit. Our masks, our sprayers, and lots of other things that we carry around sometimes need a little fun. When we go through stressful times, we might need help to brighten up our belongings. With colorful mask straps and sprayer straps, we can add a little color to our days. Happy Nes’ handmade mask straps and sprayer straps are here to brighten your day even on pandemic days! But there is no reason not to make these products our accessories and make them more accessible to us. Let's keep our masks and hygiene sprays close at hand and carry them on us with fun.

Mask Strap

Wearing a mask was very foreign to all of us at first. Now it has become something we carry with us like any handkerchief. But let's face it, while wearing the mask in some environments, we take it off when we go outdoors, and it can be tiring to constantly change the mask or we may not want to put the mask we take off in our bag. In such cases, it is quite functional to attach the mask strap to the two ends of the mask by passing the mask strap around your neck and it is also quite fun with Happy Nes mask straps! When you want to take off the mask, you no longer have to carry it in your hand or put it in the bag, just release it and let it hang from your neck. With the transparent envelope on the Happy Nes mask hangers, you can wrap the mask you take off and protect it from external dust. With knitted or zigzag models designed with colorful threads, mask hangers now reflect your spirit. And these hangers are hand washable!

Mask Neck Bracket

Some masks can be too big for some people, especially since we don't have the chance to try on and buy masks, the best way to use masks that are too big is to adjust the width from the back with a nape attachment. Happy Nes neck attachments offer three different size options. They are also sold in sets of three and are combined with different colors and patterns.

Spray Attachment

With the 50 ml spray can that you can put cologne or disinfectant in and the attached strap, it is possible to hang your spray either on your bag hook or on your phone strap! Thus, when your hands get dirty, you will have your hygiene spray at hand without having to search for it in the depths of the bag.

Covid Box

Covid sets offered by Happy Nes include spray bottle, bottle apparatus, mask strap, mask envelope and neck apparatus. You can buy these products, which you can buy separately, as a covid box at advantageous prices. Moreover, all products with Happy Nes design in the set are in color harmony with each other!

Now is the time to add some color to our days with colorful mask hangers and spray hangers. Happy Nes's handmade mask hangers and spray hangers are here to brighten your day even during the pandemic days!