Why Is Blue People's Favorite Color?

All colors are beautiful, but blue is more beautiful! There are many people around you who love blue, aren’t there? And maybe you are one of them.

According to a study conducted by a crayon manufacturer 7 years apart, the favorite color of children was blue; after seven years, it was again found that seven of the top 10 favorite colors were different shades of blue.

Similarly, children develop similar tastes in colors as they grow older. This is because they are more exposed to certain colors and because colors evoke emotions in them. 

It should come as no surprise that the first thing that comes to mind when we think of blue is the sky and the sea. These natural beauties that we are exposed to everyday carry the color that perhaps represents life the most. 

It is also possible to look at the effect of colors on us in terms of the energy the color carries. It is possible to mention the connotations of blue in us as follows:

Meaning of Blue

Every color evokes an emotion, a feeling. The color blue symbolizes harmony, comfort, freedom with the power it draws from nature; it also reminds us of hygiene because blue is often seen as water in nature, sometimes as a river, sometimes as a lake.

Similarly, our favorite things create our favorite colors. For example, the color of your favorite sweater may be your favorite color, or your favorite sport is outdoor walking, where your interaction with the sky, or even the sea, or the river, may be influential in determining your favorite color. 

On the contrary, for example, the fact that ochre and brown tones evoke excrement or rotten things - in fact, the fact that our memories include those in terms of the colors mentioned - keeps those colors far from being your favorite color; such that according to statistics the least favorite colors are ochre and brown.

In other words, our memories of colors create our individual preferences, and while we find some colors very attractive, we find others just as repulsive.

Psychology of Blue

We’ve talked about what colors evoke in us, which is why even when we were children, we drew good characters in our favorite colors and bad characters in black. Blue also evokes good, safety and even peace.

The fact that our planet is blue is much more than a proof of how peaceful blue can make us feel. On top of that, you have no reason not to wear this heartwarming feature of blue; especially the fact that its light tones evoke summer makes it inevitable that it is a color you will gladly prefer in your combinations. One of the most used colors of summer, especially accessories with light blue tones will add dynamism to your look.


Imagine lying on your back outside in the open air; the various blues of the sky, which make you breathe deeply, have already taken the most beautiful place in your memory. The relaxation of your muscles as your breathing improves, the oxygen filling your lungs at the same time, is enough to relax you to the point of relaxation. It will not be surprising if such a color dominates your beautiful memories, as mentioned above, and ultimately becomes your favorite color. 

Make Your Life Blue

When we talk so much about blue reflecting calmness, peace and nature, it would be impossible not to welcome it in our lives; you can use this color in many areas from clothing to house decoration. The fact that there are dozens, maybe hundreds of shades of blue allows you to use it cozily in most of your combinations or in most decorations.

Decorate Your Home in Blue

Furnishing your home with blue, the color of peace and security, will give it a very dynamic and youthful atmosphere; especially being brave and free in home decorations, feeling the energy of colors will also increase the energy of you living at home. If you say "I'm not comfortable with using colors in my house!", then start with small decorations and make colorful touches; especially carrying the freshness of blue, which reminds you of nature, to your home will be a very nice choice.

Complete Your Combination with Blue


It is possible to add elegant touches to your outfits with this color that accompanies every moment and nourishes your soul. For example, on a summer evening, you put on the most comfortable shorts and a racerback tank. You will take your phone with you and go for a walk on the beach. A blue phone strap or a glasses strap will add freshness to your outfit.

So which color is yours? Are you a blue lover or are you one of those 'I can't pick, any color can be beautiful any time'? Whichever you pick, benefiting from the energy of blue, especially wearing it and making it a part of your life will make you feel very good.

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