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How nostalgic the eyeglass strap sounds, doesn't it? Perhaps this piece, which we used to see on our grandmothers, has now become a distinctive and complementary part of today's style. Eyeglass straps, which can be beaded, braided, etc. in various colors and patterns, have become an accessory used by many people regardless of age. One of the biggest differences in eyeglass straps is the use of beads of various colors as well as stones with various properties. In this way, both the appearance and quality of the eyeglass straps stand out. 

Eyeglass straps can be used not only to hold glasses, as our grandmothers used to do, but also as an accessory that reflects your personality. Eyeglass straps, especially the beaded ones, are an accessory mostly preferred by young girls. Eyeglass straps also make your glasses last longer. If you just throw your glasses in the glasses case, you can cause your glasses to wear out quickly. Thanks to the eyewear strap, you can use your glasses for a longer period of time.


Putting on and taking off your glasses can be a bit of a hassle when you don't want to reach your bag and glasses case. This is when eyeglass straps can be really useful. With eyeglass straps, you don't have to deal with glasses cases every time you take your glasses off. Not only can eyeglass straps help you with practicality, but they can also add a touch of style! 

When going from outdoors to indoors, all you have to do is take off your glasses! You don't even need to carry your glasses case with you. Similarly, eyeglass straps are also very useful for prescription glasses. Let's say you are studying or working at the computer. Situations arise where you need to take your glasses off and put them on frequently. Your eyeglass strap is here to help you at this very point! 

Symbol of Elegance

Nowadays, when many useful items have turned into accessories, there is no reason why eyeglass straps should not keep up with the trend and be stylish.  Happy Nes original eyeglass straps reveal the brand's classic zigzag pattern in a variety of colors.

Happy Nes eyeglass straps with a length of 81 cm are completely handmade and are quite remarkable with their unique quality and design! It is also possible to hand wash the eyeglass straps that you love and use. However, Happy Nes glasses hangers are compatible with all your glasses. You can match the eyewear strap you want with the glasses you want and add movement to your combinations.

Don't forget that accessories complement our look and are the most beautiful and minimal way to reflect our style. Add elegance to your glasses and keep up with fashion with Happy Nes eyeglass straps.

Happy Nes's handmade eyeglass straps are designed to add fun and color to your style. Eyeglass straps can be your signature accessory with your unique taste in eyewear. All you have to do is choose the color and design you want and then personalize your glasses. That's all you need to do to impress everyone with your unique style!