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Nobody likes the cup stains on tables or coffee tables. Well, it’s a good thing we have coasters. But the functionality of the coasters shouldn’t make you think that they can’t be a part of your home design! With the most fun, chic, and colorful handmade coasters, you can brighten up your tables or coffee tables. Style is not all about your wardrobe. Your home design is a strong component of your style as well. If you want your home design to be a part of your style too, you can add little details to your home like colorful handmade coasters. Even the smallest details will have a strong effect on your home design. Never underestimate the power of coasters!

Convenient and Stylish

Coasters are home decorations that we are not used to seeing in homes; the ones we see are quite simple and unremarkable. Just as you can choose functional pieces in your outfits according to your style, you can choose functional pieces with unique design options when decorating your home. 

When you think of coasters, the first thing that comes to mind may be the thick cardboard items placed under the glasses in bars. Similarly, one of the reasons why they are used in homes is that they discolor the wood on which hot glasses are placed. This is not desirable at all. Another reason is that when we pour tea or coffee, we overflow it without realizing it and the overflow reaches the bottom of the glass, and when we put it on the table or coffee table, it unintentionally contaminates it. In such cases, coasters can be a great savior.

Just as you have the habit of using a trivet, coasters are just as essential.

It is not difficult to find models and colors that suit your style and the style of the house when choosing this small-sized but useful home accessory! 

The unique colors and designs offered by Happy Nes have also found their place in coasters. The brand's classic zigzag patterns and the perfect harmony of vibrant colors show themselves in the wicker coasters, giving a simple and elegant atmosphere. It is also a good choice to carry this atmosphere to your dining table or coffee table!

But wouldn't it be great if the coasters, which have such an important task and can leave the surface clean, were also easy to clean? It is also possible to wash Happy Nes coasters, which are completely heat resistant, in the washing machine! It is possible to wash them in a short program at 30 degrees and then dry them in the dryer, but we do not recommend washing them by hand.