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You are planning on hosting a fancy dinner at your place? You want to impress your guests with your amazing dinner table design? Then you should consider every detail on your table including your napkin rings. When you are designing your dining table, you might not want to just fold your napkins and put them in front of your guests. You can always style your dinner table with colorful handmade napkin rings and show your home style in every inch of your table design!

Stylish and Convenient

Offering seven different napkin designs, the Happy Nes catalog is designed to add quality to your tables and to better host your guests. Many things come to mind when we think of table manners. The most important of these are the table manners we have been taught since childhood, but the design of the table is also included in table manners. The place of the fork, knife and spoon on the plate, the necessity of American service and the use of napkins are very important.

The napkins wrapped in napkin holders and placed elegantly in the center of the plate, which you are used to seeing especially in elegant restaurants, attract a lot of attention. Just as we feel important when we go to such a place and enjoy the food we eat and the people we are with, there is no reason why you should not offer the best to your guests!

It's the perfect time to decorate your table with Happy Nes handmade napkin holders that will make your guests feel more comfortable and important!

Giving importance to home decoration, no matter how big or small, is very important in terms of making your home look more stylish and reflecting your style. The tiny touches you will make to your table will be noticed by everyone and will look very stylish. 

Unique Happy Nes napkin holders are sold in four pieces. You can choose the color platinum that suits you best from the rich catalog. In addition, these stylish napkin holders can be machine washed and tumble dried with peace of mind. The washing we recommend is to use a short program at 3o degrees. In this way, you will be able to offer your guests a unique table while adding life to your napkin holders.

An Elegant Gift

The first things that come to mind when it comes to housewarming gifts are now trendy! When a relative of yours settles in a new house and invites you to coffee to welcome you, you don't want to go empty-handed, do you? So go out of the ordinary and take handmade Happy Nes napkin holders to your friend as a housewarming gift, support him to add value to his table while hosting his guests!