Tuxedo Ear WarmerTuxedo Ear Warmer

Tuxedo Ear Warmer

€24.00 €29.00
Blue Disco Ear WarmerBlue Disco Ear Warmer

Blue Disco Ear Warmer

€24.00 €29.00
City of Paris Ear WarmerCity of Paris Ear Warmer
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City of Paris Ear Warmer

€24.00 €29.00
Cosmic Ear WarmerCosmic Ear Warmer

Cosmic Ear Warmer

€24.00 €29.00
Turquoise Sea Ear WarmerTurquoise Sea Ear Warmer

Turquoise Sea Ear Warmer

€24.00 €29.00
Picasso Ear WarmerPicasso Ear Warmer

Picasso Ear Warmer

€24.00 €29.00
Cotton Candy Ear WarmerCotton Candy Ear Warmer

Cotton Candy Ear Warmer

€24.00 €29.00

The weather is cold and you don’t want to mess up your hair with beanies yet you don’t want your ears to freeze? Ear warmers are just the perfect accessory for you! With ear warmers, you can warm your ears without having to worry about your hair when it’s already really difficult to deal with in cold weather. Ear warmers are not only functional, but they can also be a part of your style. By choosing handmade ear warmer designs by Happy Nes, you can flatter your style even in winter! When the days are dark and cold, you can shine your days with the colorful and fun ear warmer designs while keeping your ears warm.