Discover the Way to Reflect Your Style in the Office with Accessories

When it comes to fashion, there are certain factors that determine what we wear; what we like and what is expected of us. Dressing according to the time and place requires the intersection of these two. However, there is one place where we mostly follow what is expected of us when making an outfit and that is the office!

It seems that when it comes to office combinations, the first choice of white collars is pencil skirts, trousers and jackets in navy blue, white, cream and black colors. In fact, these clothes, which allow you to achieve a very stylish and classy look, have now become a bit ordinary. When you enter the office, why not reflect on your own style instead of seeing a uniform model of people and being one of them? Although it varies from workplace to workplace, in-office clothing trends generally consist of comfortable pieces that are not too flashy or too low-cut. If you are one of those who think that there is no way to reflect your own style in this environment where you spend 5 days a week, you are wrong. 

Accessories are your complementary pieces in office outfits as well as in daily life. The only difference is that you are more comfortable in daily life when choosing accessories. As you can appreciate, it may be inappropriate to use too sparkly, too big or loud accessories in the office.

Considering these details, thin and elegant necklaces, earrings and bracelets, and sometimes scarves that spice up a simple outfit are among the accessories we often encounter in the office.

If you want to get rid of boring office outfits but don't know how to accessorize, then you haven't met Happy Nes handmade elegant accessories for the office! Make room in your closet for these accessories that can spice up your office life.

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Accessories to Double Your Office Elegance

1. ID Cardholder

You are surprised, aren't you, how such a boring product can breathe life into your outfits? One of the tricks of dressing stylishly is to make the pieces you have to carry on you suitable for yourself. Straps with ID cardholders can be a very good example of this. If there is such an application among white-collar workers at your workplace, you can get a badge holder whose colors will reflect you and your combinations, and you can make a difference in the office.

2. Eyewear Straps

Let's talk about the second accessory that we don't come across very often: the eyewear straps! We can say that this accessory, which we are more used to seeing in old people, has become one of the indispensable pieces of today's vintage fashion. With its thinness and elegance, this accessory, which will not make a grin in the office, will both add a vintage atmosphere to your look and make your day easier with its functionality. You will stop looking for 'where did I leave my glasses?

3. Phone Strap

Say 'Hello' to another functional accessory! Phone straps, which we are used to seeing especially in daily life, can also color the combinations of white collars and can be their best friend in the hustle and bustle of meetings. You don't have to think about your phone when you have files and your computer in your hand, and you can reflect your style by crossing the line of a uniform office outfit.

Gift Your Office Buddy One of These Accessories

If you want to change office habits and become more free in dressing, you can start by spreading the word around. An accessory gift for the closest person in the office will make it easier for others to notice and maybe you will start a new trend among white-collar workers.

Make Those Who Say 'White Collars Don't Understand Fashion' False

It's time to apply our accessory tips and let your creativity shine! Remember that spicing up your monotonous days means adding small changes to your life. Let your office, where you spend most of your life, turn into a comfortable and enjoyable space for you. We wish you days where you add value to your day, take care of yourself more and do your job with pleasure.

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