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Phone straps are the accessories that help you carry your phone closer and safer. Using a phone strap, you will keep your phone closer to you which will make it easier to access at any time. When your hands are too full or your mind is too busy dealing with putting your phone in your pocket and then taking it out again, you can just leave your phone with the phone strap you are wearing! Phone straps do not only give you comfort with ease of use but they also give you the opportunity to reflect your inner colors with style. You can keep your phone safe, your hands-free, and your style shining with the handmade phone strap designs!

Another unique collection of Happy Nes, the original phone straps manage to be the most trendy and useful accessories with their various color palettes and patterns. Happy Nes original phone straps, which are also dominated by the zigzag pattern, are also very suitable for combining and waiting for you to complete your style. 

Always Everywhere

Especially for social media users, phone straps help them to carry their phones safely and securely, which they want to keep with them at all times. Also, when doing sports activities, such as hiking, give your hands freedom and enjoy the fresh air. Give yourself this privilege with your original phone strap to look through the aisles comfortably when you go shopping. At the same time, enjoy reflecting your style while shopping. 

With a carrying capacity of up to 2 kilograms, you can safely hang your phone around your neck or hang it diagonally over your shoulder with the original phone straps sold with phone cases compatible with many iPhone, Samsung and Huawei phone models. When choosing between phone straps, pay attention to color, features and ease of use. You can also choose a bag suitable for your phone when you need it. 

Keep Your Phone Safe

Phone straps not only reflect your style but also play an important role in keeping your phone safe. With a phone strap you can hang your phone securely. With a variety of colors, models and patterns, there is a phone strap model that every person will like. You can safely use your phone by choosing from these unique models produced with the production of handmade phone straps. 

In addition, if you cannot give up using bags, Happy Nes original phone straps are perfect for matching with your combinations! With a phone strap in colors suitable for your bag, you can spend your day without having to look for your phone in the bag.

Now is the time for you to keep up with fashion and look very stylish while carrying your phone safely!