If you own many cards and you can’t fit them in your wallet, or you don’t carry around cash with you, then ID cardholders are just for you! With ID cardholders, you will carry all your cards with you, and never lose them! Also being stylish carrying your ID cardholder is a lot easier with Happy Nes handmade ID card holder straps. Colorful, fun designs of cardholder straps will help you keep your cards close to you and you will not think of losing your cardholder again.

With card holder hangers, you can ensure that you have all the cards you need to carry with you. This way, you won't have to constantly search for your wallet when you're spending the day, going to the movies, reading in the library or shopping. And thanks to the drawer in the card holder straps, you will be able to carry only your essential cards. You won't have to worry about losing any of your cards.

Office Habits

Especially effective in short distances, the cardholder is ideal for taking the cards you need with you. You will not need to take your entire wallet or purse with you. To break the monotony of the office and reflect your style in the office, especially the ones combined with a strap, will color your clothes. When you go out for a lunch break, it will be a very functional choice to take your cardholder with you without having to take your whole bag. 

Reflect Your Style

It is very comfortable to use the Happy Nes cardholder and strap as an accessory in your cobins and at the same time to keep your cards with you because the freedom you give to your hands makes your life easier. With two front compartments and one back transparent compartment, Happy Nes cardholders allow you to carry your three most important and necessary cards with you. Happy Nes cardholders, which stand out with their simple and stylish design with many color options, are made of artificial leather and each cardholder has a special neck strap. It's time for you to have one of the cardholders that you can combine with its own pair or with another strap!

Colors that can match your every outfit are now offered at Happy Nes! Using a cardholder is both very original and very fashionable. 

In addition, as a gift suggestion, a very original and stylish hanging cardholder can make a friend or relative very happy. This accessory, which can be so useful, practical and stylish at the same time, seems to be gaining more and more place in combinations over time.

If you want to be one of the pioneers of this trend, it's time to choose the one you like the most from the top quality and unique design cardholders offered by Happy Nes.