Mini Bags for Minimal Living

Minimalism, which has become one of the most popular life philosophies of recent years, aims to be simple and minimal in every field. Minimalism, which we encounter especially in clothing, covers most subjects from home decoration to art and our eating and drinking habits. It is quite possible to keep up with this trend, where less and less is accepted and life becomes simpler and therefore easier, with clothing. Simplification in clothing has also brought simplification in accessories. Our bags have become as minimal as our jewelry and shoes: Smaller sizes and simple patterns.

Mini Bag Trend

As you can imagine, the first emergence of bags was based on the need to carry our essentials with us. As the years went by, just like the fashion trend in clothes started and all of them started to reflect each era, bags became a complement to the combinations and kept up with the fashion. After all, looking stylish from head to toe has become an indispensable part of dressing for everyone. Bags that can highlight your outfit, especially with their colors and models, have managed to become the star piece of combinations today.

With the influence of the minimalism movement, we have started to prefer long-lasting and stylish products these days, when we try to live with simpler and fewer items. However, the items we carry with us have also decreased and have been replaced by only the most necessary ones. Let's face it, especially in the summer months, every piece we carry with us is too much and this has led to a decrease in the size of the bags we carry.

In fact, you may have noticed that you rarely come across large bags on the street; you see more medium or small sized bags. Some bags are even so small that you think you cannot fit your belongings. However, it must be accepted that we now decide on the items in the bag according to the bag we will take with us. With various modes, colors, and textures mini bags have become an indispensable element of recent years.

In addition to being fashionable and looking stylish, one of the beauties of carrying small/mini bags is that they are light and give you the freedom to use your hands as you wish. It also brings with it many conveniences, from shopping in comfort to keeping a grip on your bag on the subway. 

With their usefulness and elegance in mind, it's time to look at how we can combine mini bags. As you can imagine, matching them to your outfits is just as easy and fun. Let's see how we can combine them with some tips.

5 Tips for Combining Mini Bags

The ease of combining small bags actually lies in their size, after all, small pieces on you do not attract much attention, don't they? However, making your bag the star of your outfit is just as simple, it is quite possible to look stylish according to the model you choose and the simplicity of your outfit. Now, we are here with 5 outfit + mini bag suggestions that we have collected for you, you will love them and you will want to try them immediately!

  1. Single Color Belt Bag for Colorful Outfits

Fanny packs that you can easily use when you want to take your lipstick and perfume with you are now everywhere! It is possible to combine some models that will accompany your colorful combinations as you see in the picture. Especially being aware of how contrasting colors reveal each other, it is possible to combine blue and brick red as seen in the picture. One of the trends of this summer, 2 piece sets gain dimension with mini bags. Choosing small and plain colored belt bags as much as possible, especially with heavily patterned suits, will make you look more stylish.

belt bag

      2. Mini Wallet for Comfortable Outfits

Let's say you wake up to a day when you want to feel comfortable. You have chosen a pair of leggings and a crop top from your closet. You're going shopping or hiking with a wave of your hand. On days like these, all you need is your phone and wallet; you can walk around with only your hand wallet and phone strap, giving your hands freedom. Especially in summer, carrying an extra piece on you often turns into a torture. These wallets that you can wear on you will do all your work. If you say that you can't do without your bag, you can hang this wallet on the handle of your bag. Another interesting advice, you can put these mini wallets on your trouser belt hanger in your trouser combinations. You will also never feel its weight.

mini wallet

      3. Handbags for Simple Summer Outfits

When we think of simple summer outfits, we think of denim shorts and a simple top. It can be a very good idea to buy a handbag for these combinations that are not flashy at all. You can enliven your outfit by choosing the color and patterned bag you want. Handbags, like fanny packs, are relatively larger in size and you can put your daily makeup or a few items you think are necessary. Happy-nes handbag models are also made of first-class knitted material and are both durable and very suitable for the summer concept.


      4. Colorful Preferences for White Outfits

Again, phone bags that you will especially enjoy using with your summer outfits are both very useful and have very fun designs. In addition to your phone, you can put your cards, keys and money in a colorful phone bag that will accompany your white outfits. For example, a colorful mini bag adds liveliness to white top and bottom outfits, and when it comes to minimalism, a phone bag can be one of the best candidates. Made of knitted material, these bags are in the right frequency for white and summer weather and will succeed in being the star of your outfit. 

phone strap

      5. What About Beach Bags?

When we say sea, sand and sun, which are indispensable for our summer vacations, the necessity of a beach bag has already come to mind. What we expect from a beach bag is that it is sturdy, easy to carry and of course stylish. Happy-nes simple beach bags are also made of knitted material and are medium in size but spacious enough inside, and the carrying strap is quite comfortable; so you can easily carry your towel, cream, swimsuit and other necessary things with you. Our suggestion is to combine the beach bag and the handbag together, so that they look harmonious and you can keep the most important things in your handbag. You will be able to easily access your phone, cards and keys from your handbag.

It seems that bags have become a very important part of our outfits, whether big or small, plain or patterned. Of course, using bags of various sizes and shapes according to your needs will make your outfit look right. In these times when less and less is popular and the 'minimalism' trend prevails, mini-sized bags are quite common and really useful. Don't you think it's time to replace your old and unnecessary big bags with minimal bags?

beach bag

Bonus: Have Fun with Bag Accessories!

Those who can't give up their own bags or want to decorate their simple mini bags can use bag accessories! These bag straps, which are usually dominated by various weaves and colors, can also be a complement to your look. There is no doubt that it will add movement especially to your simpler outfit combinations. These straps that you can choose for yourself can also be a very stylish gift. You can choose one of these original and fun bag hangers now!

bag straps_minimal bags

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