Accessorize: 10 Tips While Buying The Right accessories to suit your Dress

It is an indisputable fact that accessories are a complementary part of combinations. Especially nowadays, when we see a variety of accessories with models suitable for every style, it can sometimes be difficult to combine them. Choosing and combining accessories is a subject that you should pay attention to with fine details, so much so that we talked about how you can combine accessories in our previous article. Now we will talk about the first step of accessory combining, which is accessory selection. When you enter a bijouterie or a jewelry store, you don't know which one to buy among dozens of glasses or hundreds of earrings, right? Being aware of our needs and tastes, which is the main rule of shopping, actually makes our job easier. When it comes to clothing, the use of accessories is also very important because your choice of accessories can be the leading role in reflecting your style as well as the supporter of your outfit. 

Below, we will give you tips to help you choose the right accessories after getting to know your clothes and your body.

1. Rummage Through Your Closet and Get to Know Yourself

Before choosing accessories, you should pay attention to what you usually wear. Stand in front of your closet and look through your outfits. You may like one or more styles; the important thing is to be able to distinguish between them when you look at your closet. You may have different styles of clothes such as office outfits, bohemian skirts, vintage jackets, sports t-shirts, etc. Just like you can't wear every outfit in every environment, you can't wear every piece of jewelry in every environment with every outfit.

If you have overhauled your wardrobe, it's time to get to know yourself, what do you like to wear? Are you comfortable with big accessories, do you like to look more simple, which combinations do you prefer to use accessories with the most, etc. After asking yourself questions, you can start choosing accessories!

2. Identify the Star Piece of Your Combination

Every outfit must have a piece that says 'I'm here! If not, having such a piece will prevent your look from being monotonous and boring. That's why we usually recommend a small or big piece to be the star of your outfit. After choosing a piece of your outfit as your star, it is useful to choose your accessories in a way that will not overshadow that piece. As you can guess, the size and sparkle of the accessory are two important criteria here.

Your accessories can be your star piece as well as your clothes! The exaggerated necklaces we see especially on celebrities are a good example of this. Of course, when it comes to daily life, it is a very good idea to combine your accessories, which are more minimal but still stars, with your outfits. Accessories can even be more effective in reflecting your style, since small but striking touches on you are more likely to attract attention. In such a combination, it would be wise to keep your outfit from being too exaggerated and to emphasize your accessories.

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3. Highlight an Accessory

Now we're going big: It is possible to look very chic with just one accessory! Shining with an accessory is especially striking in night outfits. Whether it's a day or a night out, choosing a bright accessory that is large in size - but also flattering to your body - will light up your outfits and the night. You can push the limits of exaggeration with jewelry, usually in the form of earrings, a necklace or a ring.

4. Know Your Body When Choosing Accessories

Your accessories should match your body structure as well as the style of your outfits. Here are some tips for you:

  1. The thickness and length of your finger is a determining factor when choosing a ring. Large rings may look more vulgar on short and thick fingers, in this case, a ring that is large in length will look more naive.
  2. When choosing a necklace, you should pay attention to your neck length; short necks will look very balanced with longer necklaces and especially with tops with open necklines. Long necks are relatively more advantageous and are very suitable for wearing chokers.
  3. When choosing a headband or hair clip, it is again worth considering the head shape and size. Exaggerated bandanas with bows look especially cute on rounder heads. For women with long faces or long heads, more minimal headbands with no elevation will look very stylish.
  4. Eyeglasses are perhaps the most important accessory and one of the fewer items we own. Therefore, it is very important to listen to their advice when you go to the optician and similarly, to choose the right glasses for your face shape. Once you've sorted out the right eyeglasses for your face, you need to decide on the style; some have a vintage vibe, while others are very modern. Being aware of how you dress in general is also very important when choosing eyeglasses.

5. Use Few and Concise Accessories at the Same Time

Accessorizing is not as free as dressing. Intensive use of jewelry can irritate and even tire the eyes. Therefore, it is important not only to use the right accessories but also to use them in the right number and place. For example, wearing a necklace on a top with a closed collar or adding bracelets to a long-sleeved blouse may not look good. Accessories usually look good and stand out on the skin, so choosing accessories that you can show off on your skin and that are compatible with your outfit is the golden rule. 

For example, a headband and a cube are a beautiful duo, don't be afraid to use them together, and in some combinations, watches and bracelets can look crowded at the same time. Just as you are careful when combining very mixed patterns and colors when combining your clothes, the same applies to accessories.

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6. Recognize the Style of Accessories

Recognizing the style of the clothes in your wardrobe is as important as recognizing the accessories. You can easily combine accessories and clothes that you put in the same category. For example, bohemian or ethnic dresses, skirts and baggy pants will look very stylish with bohemian earrings and sandals with tied headbands. From another point of view, wearing jewelry with shiny stones or shiny fabrics with an evening dress is a good option.

As the opposite example, sometimes mixing styles can also look very stylish. For example, it would be a very judicious choice to choose stylish and sparkling earrings with a daily sporty chic outfit.

When grouping your accessories, separating them into ethnic, bohemian, vintage, sports chic, office chic, etc. will make your job easier!

7. Pay Attention to the Color and Texture of Accessories

Some accessories are made of stones, some of fabric, some of different materials with different textures. Texture harmony is as important as color harmony. For example, a stylish diving fabric evening dress and a bohemian style knitted earring can be described as people from different worlds. With more natural looking bohemian outfits, the aforementioned earrings will show a smooth harmony.

8. Care About Accessory Sizes

Your body size and even your height are important when choosing accessories. If you have a petite figure, large accessories may not match every outfit, and if you are a larger person, very small accessories may get lost in the size of your clothes. In this case, you should pay attention to accessories that are compatible with your height and measurements.

There is another noteworthy point about accessory sizes. Generally, when daytime outfits are lighter and more vibrant, very heavy and large accessories can make your outfit heavier. It would be better to include these accessories or jewelry in the evening/night.

9. Choose Accessories Suitable for Your Hair and Makeup

First of all, let's accept that your hair and makeup are also accessories. Doing hair and make-up in accordance with your clothing style is just as effective in making you look stylish. What you should pay attention to when combining these two items, which you can use as accessories on their own, with other jewelry/accessories is to avoid an intense image. If you have heavy makeup, your accessories should be small or minimal accordingly, and the mobility of your hair can create a nice contrast and balance with your simple jewelry.

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10. Avoid Accessories You Can't Carry

Finally, we come to perhaps the most important detail: Don't wear anything you can't carry! The outfits you are most comfortable in are the ones that reflect you the most. Wearing an accessory that you cannot carry will bring you nothing but a burden. It should be comfortable and the size and weight should suit you. Therefore, it might be a good idea to try on an accessory before buying it!

It seems like understanding how to choose and combine accessories is as important as understanding the importance of using accessories and following accessory trends. We wish you to experience this journey, which starts with getting to know yourself and your style, with the unique pleasure of recognizing, matching and harmonizing accessories, and to be able to reflect every version of yourself while dressing...

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