Accessory Trends and Combination Guide

Accessories, which are a reflection of your appearance and attitude, are almost the most important parts of your outfits. Accessories that give dimension to your style and take your outfit to the next level, no matter how big, small or plain, are now an indispensable part of our lives!

Accessories, which are perhaps the most creative and fastest growing category of fashion, are diversifying day by day. While some people cannot give up timeless and classic accessories, others prefer to follow and use the most trendy accessories.In addition to classic accessories such as necklaces and earrings, we have started to choose models that reflect our character even in our choice of shoes and bags.

To be more innovative, we have seen that there is no reason not to make the items we use constantly our accessories.

As Happy Nes, we believe that every product that makes your life easier while giving you the natural taste of handmade products can be an accessory. From jewelry to bags, slippers to electronic devices, Happy Nes handmade products are the most trendy and bohemian way to accessorize your outfits. With carefully selected color palettes and models, you can now have an accessory of your choice to complement your outfits and add dimension to your style.

Now we are going to talk about some trendy and timeless accessories and how you can combine them.

1.Let Your Electronics Have Style Too

    1.a.Let Your Headphones Come to Life

    1.b.Color Your Charging Cables

2.Discover the Most Stylish Way to Carry Your Phones

    2.a.Choose Your Phone Case Carefully

    2.b.Be Stylish and Comfortable with Phone Strap

3.Take a Time Travel with your Eyeglass Straps

4.Stylish on the Beach

    4.a.Take Care of Your Beach Bag

    4.b.Sparkle with Hats, Slippers and Jewelry

5.Make a Difference with Hair Accessories

6.Don't Give Up Ordinary Jewelry

7.How Should You Combine Accessories?


Let Your Electronics Have Style Too

Think of an electronic device that you keep with you and even hold on to: Of course your phone! These devices, which we can now use for all our needs, also fulfill our need for entertainment. In addition to playing games and chatting on our phones, we also listen to songs. Our headphone choices are sometimes wired, sometimes wireless and sometimes over-ear headphones. While our headphones are now indispensable for every day, music has become the best companion that accompanies the rhythm of our lives, mostly on the way to work/school, while walking, in the office or while studying.

Let Your Headphones Come to Life

But what about making this device that we can't stop wearing part of your style? It can be a very good idea to embroider various knitted patterns with the colors you like on the cables of your headphones. Moreover, these coatings will prevent your headphone cables from getting old. It is also great for preventing them from getting dirty or worn out in your bag.

In addition to earbuds, it makes just as much sense to decorate and accessorize on-ear headphones. Covering these headphones that are already on your head with embroidery as if they were a headband is a completely different way to reflect your style!

Color Your Charging Cables

Your charging cables have now become a device that you take out of your bag and keep ready at the socket in every place you enter. But have you thought about how nice it would be to decorate these cables, which are quite simple and usually white in color, and reflect your character? We have seen these accessories, which come across as cable holders or cable protectors, which are very fashionable this year, in a variety of models. It is now possible to color your electronic devices and use them as your accessory with a cable holder that you think represents you with these protectors using various animals, fruits and flowers! 

These fun cable end holders are also very useful. How many times have you accidentally stepped on the ends of cables? Or how many times has your charging cable gotten mixed up with someone else's? These little touches that make our lives easier can also reflect your style. It's time to meet a cable holder and use a character you love while protecting your cable!

Discover the Most Stylish Way to Carry Your Phones

We mentioned that our phones are a part of our lives, so protecting them is a priority, as we want them to stay with us for as long as possible. With getting used to using a phone case, the phone case may not always be the best protector. We encounter hundreds of models of phone cases for every model phone. From plain models to fancy models, from monochrome to stones or patterns... 

Another popular phone accessory in the last few years is the phone strap! These straps, which you hang around your neck or shoulder by putting them on the phone case, allow you to keep your phone in safe hands and make it look stylish on you with unique models just like phone cases.

Choose Your Phone Case Carefully

Due to their flat structure, phone cases allow you to keep the desired prints, patterns and colors on them. Therefore, it is quite easy to make this device that you can't put down an accessory and reflect your attitude! Sometimes it can reflect your favorite movie character, and sometimes it is possible to reflect your simple or bohemian style. We definitely recommend you to be meticulous when choosing a phone case because we would like to remind you that your phones are always in sight. At the same time, it is an important fact that it can protect your phone to some extent when it is accidentally dropped.

Nowadays, while the phone strap is very fashionable, it is ideal to choose the phone case in a structure and model compatible with any strap to complement your style and create a good image.

phone strap_trend accesories

Be Stylish and Comfortable with Phone Strap

Phone straps, which can be used in various sizes in different ways, act as a complete shield for the safety of your phone. To count the features of the phone strap,

  • You can hang it stylishly around your neck or shoulder like a bag,
  • You won't accidentally sit on your phone,
  • You don't have to worry about it slipping out of your hand,
  • It's always at hand,
  • You will never lose,
  • You give freedom to your hands,
  • No need to carry a bag,
  • You can hang other compatible wallets etc. on your phone strap,
  • You keep up with fashion.

  • As Happy Nes, we make your life easier by producing phone straps and add a bohemian and natural atmosphere to your style. Give a place in your life to phone straps that you can adjust according to your height and where unique color palettes are selected. After all, it is every woman's right to wear an accessory that is both useful and stylish!

    Take a Time Travel with your Eyeglass Straps

    We have probably put the eyewear straps made of tiny pale colored stones that we remember from our grandmothers in chests. Now let's open those chests and look at the beauties brought by vintage fashion.

    Our old elders preferred to hang their glasses around their necks in order not to lose them. So they didn't have to remember where they put their glasses at home or outside. Today, from young to old, there is no age limit to using an eyeglass strap! Not remembering where you put things is a problem for everyone as well as the elderly, so you can show your care in choosing your glasses, especially when choosing reading glasses, when choosing a glasses strap and make your glasses more stylish.

    Sometimes your eyeglass model can also be quite cool, in which case you may not want to use an eyeglass strap. Anyway, it will not be very compatible with every outfit. Either you will have a variety of straps and you will choose the appropriate one among them or you will not include an eyeglass strap in some of your outfits. After all, being stylish does not mean using all accessories at the same time!

    Eyeglass straps are the perfect accessory for both vintage looks and modern outfits!

    Stylish on the Beach

    Elegance is a phenomenon that should always be present everywhere. If you really have a style, you can show it in any environment, sometimes with the pieces you choose and sometimes with your accessories.

    Summer is the season of comfortable, colorful and light pieces. We all dream of enjoying the beach or going out while taking advantage of the sun in a healthy way during this period when the weight on us decreases.

    It is possible to reflect your style in your summer outfits and especially on the beach! The must-haves for the beach are your swimsuit, slippers, hat, sunscreen, snacks, beach towel and a comfortable bag that can hold it all. Especially your choice of pareo, hat and flip flops to complement your swimsuit are important pieces that will reflect you.

    Take Care of Your Beach Bag

    When it comes to elegance, after your swimsuit, the accessory that you can show your style the most is your beach bag because it is the biggest piece on you. Besides, you have to admit that your beach bag is probably the dirtiest and the one you use the most carelessly. It may be smeared with sunscreen or degraded by sea water and sand. We recommend you to choose a bag that is resistant to such things, you should choose a bag that can stay with you on the beach and whose model reflects you.

    Mesh textured beach bags are the best known in this regard! Thanks to its structure, it dries quickly and is not exposed to the sea salt, so it always looks new. In addition, knitted mesh bags do not hold sand thanks to their holes and the items inside do not get dirty.

    When you find a beach bag with these features, it's time to choose the model. You can manage to be stylish on the beach with a bag in a color that will reflect your energy!

    Sparkle with Hats, Slippers and Jewelry

    If your swimsuit and bag are complete, it's time for smaller accessories, some essential, some optional. A straw hat is a must for sun protection, and don't underestimate the effect of straw. Don't wonder how you can look unique with such a common hat. There are some pieces that are timeless and help you always look stylish. A straw hat is just such a candidate! In harmony with the colors of the beach, you should definitely have one of these hats in your closet.

    Your 'snappy' slippers are also worth choosing carefully. Whether they are flip-flops or regular, having them in your colors and style is a must for looking stylish on the beach. As for our suggestion, it is ideal if the sole is solid color and the upper bands are braided or colored in a solid pattern. Because very mixed patterns can prevent your slippers from being noticed. However, the beach slippers you prefer in the right and sufficient patterns are a candidate to be a stylish accessory!

    If you are one of those who cannot stay without jewelry on the beach, an anklet is the most stylish accessory we can recommend. Anklets, which are indispensable for the summer season, will make your ankles look very elegant with many options with stones or strings. Considering that your slippers give your ankles a wide space on the beach, anklets are an accessory that will strengthen your beach combinations.

    beachwear_trend accesories

    Make a Difference with Hair Accessories

    Your hair is your biggest accessory! Make your hair the star of your look, which reflects you completely and which you can shape and even dye as you wish. After all, hair is one of the first things that catches our eye when communicating with people. Using a headband or hair rope adds a different dimension. These hair accessories, which are very common especially in summer, are indeed both useful and an important complement to your style!

    Although headbands come in various flexibility and models, it is essential to choose according to your outfits. For example, you are going to a shabby place and you made a shabby/ethnic outfit. A braided or striped headband in earth tones will add volume to your hair.

    Similarly, hair ropes should be indispensable for those who want to capture a bohemian look. You are free to choose the colors you want, but it will be more striking to choose dark strands for light hair and light strands for dark hair.

    hair accesories_accesories trend

    Don't Give Up Ordinary Jewelry

    The unchanging trio of necklaces, bracelets and earrings that we have seen since we were born are classic accessories. Sometimes we wear them as a team and sometimes separately. The ring is also an accessory that should not be forgotten. Sometimes we wear these accessories in gold or silver and sometimes imitations. While it is true that imitations offer more models, they can help you complete your combinations more accurately; they are also more affordable. The quality of real jewelry should not be underestimated; sparkling earrings and bracelets with stones look especially elegant.

    Be aware that you can always combine these jewelry pieces as long as they are minimal, because they are the ones our eyes are most accustomed to. Therefore, you won't overdo it with accessories.

    It would be impossible not to include wristwatches, a classic, in this article. Include wristwatches, which will never go out of fashion, in your life. In addition to modern looking watches, it would be a very cool and stylish choice to use old watches from our grandmothers' chests. Your watch doesn't even need to work! After all, it is a trendy accessory that makes the arm look very stylish.

    jewelry_trend accesories

    How Should You Combine Accessories?

    While accessories are very important in completing outfits, it is important to underline that it is more important to use them correctly. Nowadays, we decorate and accessorize even electronic devices, so the importance of being comfortable as well as being trendy increases. When combining accessories, you should pay attention to the following:

    1. Matching the attitude of the outfit,
    2. Color matching with the outfit,
    3. Pay attention to the season,
    4. To follow fashion,
    5. Looking at functionality,
    6. Reflecting you,
    7. Durable and long-lasting

    Below are some outfit suggestions and which accessories you can use.

    Simple office outfits

    office chic

    charm bracelets

    Charm bracelets, pearl earrings and necklaces

    Ethnic combinations

    ethnic combinations

    earrings, handmade, bohem

    Handmade bohemian jewelry, large rings and feather earrings


    Hiking combinationshiking combinations

    phone strap

    Phone strap, functional and stylish, rope anklet

    Jean combinations

    jean combinations

    jbl handmade
    All kinds of jewelry plus headphone accessories and headbands
    Long dresses
    long dresses combinations

    eyewear straps

    Ethnic glasses strap and long ethnic necklaces

    Single color combinations

    monochrome combinations

    bracelets handmade bohem

    Stone or bohemian, knitted jewelry according to your taste

    Beach combinations

    beach combinations

     beachwear accessories

    Colorful slippers, long chain necklaces and straw hat


    You can make your accessories the star of your outfits and reflect your style with the trendiest accessories. All you have to do is add your favorite accessories to your closet and decide which ones go well with your outfits. But let's not drown yourself in accessories, everything is beautiful in its moderation; your own natural beauty is your greatest accessory.

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