Accessorize: How to Combine Accessories?

We are all artists at our core, we perform an art every day; we decide how to look, we try to match colors and pieces together. While we all have a different style of dressing, our style and the accessories that accompany it can vary depending on the places we go. When you go to an accessory store, you come across thousands of kinds of jewelry and sometimes it is difficult to choose which one to buy. Accessory trends are one of the first options to look at, but in such a case, you may need a guide to think about the outfits in your wardrobe and choose accessories to match the outfits. First of all, let us remind you what comes to mind when we talk about women's accessories:

Necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings,


Bracelets and anklets,


Hair band,





While all these accessories come in different colors and models, sometimes we can be fickle and try to fit most of them into the same outfit at the same time. However, this may not always look stylish, and even worse, it may even cause you to have a tiring look. For this reason, it is very important to be aware of which accessory to combine with which outfit and when. In this case, 5 tips to help you are waiting for you below.

1. How to Combine Accessories with Evening Outfits?

Night outfits allow you to brighten up the night, regardless of the color. Whether you wear a raven black evening outfit or a light and vibrant colored outfit, it will be very nice to add sparkle to the night with your accessories. Especially, sparkling jewelry should be preferred. You should only be careful when wearing necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings at the same time. Of course, some evening outfits will allow you to wear them all in minimal sizes. But it would be wiser to choose 2 or 3 of these sparkling jewelry pieces at the same time.

  1. If you have chosen an evening dress with an open neckline, you can wear a nice big necklace around your neck, wear your hair up and brighten your face with tiny sparkling earrings.
  2. Bracelets and rings will look very elegant with short-sleeved or sleeveless evening dresses. You can even wear a few rings with stones on both hands.
  3. When wearing a midi or mini length evening dress, you can try a thin anklet with stones. Anklets don't come to mind most of the time, especially in winter. However, it is an elegant detail that can make your indoor night outfit look elegant.
  4. It would be more logical to prefer earrings and rings with closed and winter evening dresses

    . Because the necklace and bracelet falling on the outfit may not always look very elegant, in this case, we recommend you to choose an accessory with a texture that matches the texture of your outfit and a stone color that matches the color of the outfit.

2. How to Combine Evening Dresses with Accesories?

It can sometimes be difficult to combine evening dresses with accessories, we may even feel like we don't have many options. However, combining evening dresses is easier and more enjoyable in some ways. First of all, every evening dress has an attitude, in addition to our daily clothes, evening dresses have a dominant color and model. This actually limits your choice of accessories and prevents indecision. The tasteful part is that evening dresses are very stylish pieces and we rarely have the chance to wear evening dresses in our lives. We usually have to wait for special occasions to come. That's why we like to see evening dresses on us. So how should we combine evening dresses with jewelry?

  1. Simple evening dresses allow for more or more flashy jewelry. Evening dress fabrics such as diver fabric - especially monochromatic fabrics - are ideal for both colorful and shiny jewels. These accessories, which we generally recommend you to wear in the space left by your evening dress on your body, should be elegant rather than casual.
  2. If the evening dresses are not simple, you can choose single color accessories that match the color and texture of your evening dress. As always, you can choose sparkling minimal jewelry here. Remember that flashy evening dresses are the star of your look, and accessories should only be minimal.

evening dress_accesories_jewelry

3. How to Combine Ethnic Outfits with Accesories?

We have now seen ethnic clothes dominated by ethnic and mixed patterns for four seasons. As you can guess, choosing ethnic jewelry would be a very correct choice. You can wear these jewelry, which are generally sold as handmade and are available in various colors and sometimes in mesh, net or stone models, in a texture suitable for your outfit. 

So far we have said that simple jewelry should be worn with vibrant outfits, but the situation is a little different with ethnic combinations. You are free to combine ethnic outfits inspired by Indian, Latin and Native American styles! 

It is in the blood of ethnic style to wear jewelry on top of each other as long as it is not excessive. Patterned scarves or headbands are candidates to be the star of ethnic combinations. A headband that you can decorate your loose and open hair, ethnic blouse and salwar combination sounds very ethnic!

4. How to Combine Accessories with Simple and Elegant Outfits?

We usually wear simple and elegant outfits in more serious settings, such as at work, school or a meeting. But this does not prevent us from reflecting our style. Your accessory choices will be enough to reflect your personality and make your outfit shine.

  1. You can accessorize simple stylish outfits with a wristwatch and a few rows of bracelets. These bracelets can be rope bracelets or stone bracelets.
  2. Decorate your suits with a stylish belt that you will wear on your long and wide leg pants. In addition, your choice of hairpins is also important in such skirt or trouser suits. With an extravagant and flashy toothed hairpin, you can collect your hair neatly. This accessory, which is already invisible from the other side, is a jewelry that will reflect your style from behind when you leave the meeting room.
  3. For casual and chic outfits, tying a scarf around your neck or wrist can make you look both ‘casual’ and chic. The scarf, which is also a symbol of intellectualism, will change your mood immediately!simple and elegant_to accesorize

5. How to Combine Accesories with Casual and Sporty Outfits?

Let's talk about everyday outfits: when you meet your friends, go to the grocery store, take a walk in nature, etc. Casual outfits are the ones where you can reflect your style the most. Because it is in your hands to customize these clothes, which are similar to almost everyone, and to give them an identity with your accessories. You have more freedom than you can imagine when combining your daily outfits. The things you should pay attention to are choosing jewelry that matches the fabric type of your clothes and paying attention to simple and patterned jewelry.

Pamper yourself while combining your everyday outfits! Choose the appropriate jewelry, put on your sunglasses. Even go overboard and use an eyewear strap. If it's sunny, put on your hat and take advantage of the possibilities that summer brings.

casual and sporty accesories

BONUS: Your Makeup and Hair Can Be Your Biggest Accessory!

Now let's talk about the usual accessories: Your hair and makeup! Everyone's hair is unique. This perfect accessory that you can give the color and shape you want is actually the star of every outfit. After all, when we communicate with people, we mostly look at their face and hair. So, taking care of your hair at all times will reveal your attitude and add elegance to your elegance. Similarly, your make-up style, the color of your eyeliner and the way you apply it are important details that will make you unique and reveal your artist spirit.

Reveal your artist identity and take advantage of the power of accessories!

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