Keep Up With The Fashion With Phone Straps

We give so much attention to our own clothing and combinations, then why don’t we dress our phones?

Let's go back to our childhood and remember that our mothers tied a rope around our neck in order not to lose our erasers. Today, we have no reason not to wear this classic with various models and carry it!

In addition to phone accessories that appear as phone cases and beaded strings, phone straps are both safe, stylish and very useful. With so many reasons to use a phone strap, now you can get one too. These colorful and patterned straps that you can put on your phone case have taken their place especially among celebrities and quickly became a trend. 

From Dua Lipa to Kendall Jenner, from Gigi Hadid to Miley Cyrus, for a number of celebrities it has become a trend to carry phone switch phone straps and let hands free. Phone straps being sold hand crafted has proven to be both useful and elegant. They can also be replaced with bags. Even smaller bags have become the primary preference of the majority.

Anywhere Anytime Phone

From banking transactions to mobile shopping, from reminders to communication, we use the phone in every field. The security of the phones that you carry in your hand is just as important. Likewise, if you don't carry it in your hand, woe to you, keep looking for it in your bag! The phone strap trend, which will make all this easier and harmonize with your style, has started to spread among everyone as well as celebrities. At HAPPY-NES, you can choose from a variety of handmade phone straps that complement your style and keep up with the trend.

Anywhere Anytime Phone

Going Shopping

Let's say you are going to the market or mall. All you need is your phone and your wallet. However, by identifying your bank cards and transportation cards on your mobile, you can handle all your transactions only by phone and you may not need to carry any bags. In such cases, it will be very stylish and useful to wear a phone strap that will match with your clothes. In fact, it’d be very advantageous for you to carry your shopping bags more easily.

Going to Work or School

You wake up in the morning, turn off your phone alarm, leave the house and have your transportation card read by phone while getting on the subway. In addition to your computer bag or your tiny handbag, the only thing you need to have with you is your phone. Then it might seem to be very easy to carry your phone with you in traffic, at your desk, during your lunch break, with the phone strap.

When Traveling

Let's say you are on a trip, visiting a touristic village or climbing a mountain. With the help of stylish looking phone straps, you can hang your phone around your neck and leave your hands alone. You can easily do touristic shopping, go to the mountains, and you don't have to worry about where your phone is while enjoying your surroundings. At the same time you can enjoy doing this with your sweet designed phone strap.

Complete Your Combinations With The Phone Strap

Just as your necklace, headband or pearl earrings are pieces complementing your look and reflecting your style, your phone hanger is an easy way to look radiant and carry your phone, meanwhile.

For example, you are going to a friend's wedding and you wear an elegant dress. You can accessorize your dress with a beaded phone strap or even a sparkly phone strap reflecting your style and you will look remarkable.

In your daily life, you can use one of the various adjustable fabric-looking hangers. It will be quite chic wearing colorful phone straps that are quite simple but complementary to your combination.

Complete Your Combinations With The Phone Strap

As a result, there is no reason why we don’t wear our frequently used electronic devices as an accessory. Glasses and headphone accessories being the most popular ones, it is worth-mentioning that the benefits of using a phone strap and the stylish appearance it brings are an indisputable fact.


Phone accessories can also be a very fine and nice gift option, now you can take action to find the most suitable one for you and your friend from these pieces that are open to customization!

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